24 November 2010

Pasta Infestation

My assignment for Thanksgiving this year is salad and deviled eggs. It's been a while since I've had frog eye salad, so I thought I would make that. Thanks to the world wide web, I found a recipe, bought the ingredients on Monday and did the prep for it this afternoon. Prep involves making a sauce and boiling pasta. Acini de pepe pasta, to be precise.

The Acini de pepe past is little round balls, kind of like Tapioca.

However, no one warned me that they were ninja infiltrators, ready to join the macaroni that got spilled the other day. I think the macaroni runs the show and sent out a call for ninja enforcers. Let me tell you, those little Acini balls are not only quick, they're also devious, hiding in every single crack and crevasse that they could find. On the stove, under the banana, behind the toaster, on the floor, near the sink, across the room . . . everywhere. And they're super resistant to wiping, picking up and sweeping.

Little buggers are now running the entire black market pasta supply coming out of our kitchen. We've probably got the pasta equivalent of The Soprano's happening in our house. Maybe we can put it on You Tube. Or make a reality TV show out of it. Pasta Wars? The Boiling? Hot Water?

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