23 November 2010

The Call has gone Out!

I sent the call out to a handful of my unlucky friends and family members asking if they would read the first third (or so) of my YA novel, New Sight. I admit to being a little needy and asking for a review by next Sunday. There was a disclaimer attached saying that I understood that holiday weeks are sometimes even more insane than regular weeks, and that I wouldn't be offended if people couldn't do it.

I must be a lucky girl. Quite a few of my friends said they would help me out. Both of my sisters did too, although the middle sister promised to be a harsh critic. She scares me sometimes! :)

As usual, I'm nervous. The first third shouldn't be horrible. It should at least be up to “it's okay” level. Further up for the parts that I've revised 563 times. But what if no one likes it?

To distract myself from this burning question, I decided to move on to the second third of the novel. I dug out my outline and the list of writing tools that Dave Farland gave us a few weeks ago. When I had both things in front of me I started to go through them, writing down which tools I wanted to use where. I'm hoping this will make it easier for me to write the second third of the book. This section is completely different from the first revision I have.

Naturally, being slightly bonkers, I've put myself on a schedule. A “Time Bomb” if you will. I managed to pass the first phase by getting the first third of the novel completed by Monday night. I won't say when the next deadline is, but just let me tell you that I'm apparently masochistic.

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