23 October 2010

Triumph and Drudgery

Mosquito. Need I say more? They're everywhere, along with those tiny, white, flying bugs that seem to have invaded the area. Anyway, bug are all over the place, and mosquitoes are the worst. Worse? Worst. Shinny.

I've tried to kill a few in the dojo over the past week or so, but I usually miss. Tonight, as I was closing the door to my room so I could curl up in bed and write random things to people, I saw it. A fuzzy, flying spot hovering next to my bathrobe.

My game hasn't been on all week. Heck, let's just go with all month. But tonight, out of the blue, I reach up and kill the mosquito with one hand . . . without even really trying.

Death of mosquito in my house—good. The fact that I had just washed my face, hands and brushed my teeth—bitter irony. Wait, is there any other kind of irony? Needless to say, I had to wash my hands again.

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