21 October 2010

Too Early

This morning I did a good deed. At least I think it was a good deed. I left my apartment about 6:20am and went out to my car. As I was walking towards my car I clicked the doors open with my keyless entry (one of the best inventions ever, by the way). The SUV parked next to me looked strange, but I thought it was just my lights blinking. Nope, it didn't go away. As I got closer I noticed that the back seat light in the SUV was on.

What to do? I knew who the SUV belonged to—the neighbors just across from us. A simple glance, to see if there was a light on, told me that someone in their apartment was probably awake. At first I got in my car. I turned it on, got situated and waited. All the time wondering if I should go tell them.

First off, it's early. Really early. I have no idea if they're awake, but a light in the front room tells me that someone is probably awake. Second I hardly know them. I wave hello and all that, and at one point I knew their names, but now I've got nothing.

I put the car in reverse, pulled out of my stall, put the car in drive, pulled back into the stall and turned my car off. Realizing that I would very much appreciate someone telling me that my light was on (thus avoiding a dead battery at most likely a very inconvenient time later) I went up the stairs to their apartment and knocked softly.

The husband was awake. I informed him that his light was on, smiled and basically bolted.

A good deed, no? Yes? If the day started out so nice, why was the rest of it so rotten?

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Lisa said...

I deem it a good deed, I'm sure he was grateful.