28 September 2010

Fun Size vs Bite Size

Until this evening I was unaware that there was a difference between the Fun Size of Snicker's bars and the Bite Size. I knew there were two different sizes, but I thought the little, little ones were Fun Size. Goes to show what I know. Well, I do know that I like Snicker's bars!

I guess you could eat the Fun Size all in one bite, but that would ruin the fun of enjoying the Snickers in two or three bites. You know, draw it out, savor the moment and all that. Whenever I try to take half of the Bite Size I either get the edge of the chocolate and nothing else, or I get everything but the edge of chocolate. Occasionally strings of caramel will connect the two, but not in a fun way, more like an annoying/get everywhere way. No fun in taking those little ones in more than one bite—thus the Bite Size designation.

This is a phenomenon that will need to be further investigated, and since I love to eat I think I could be the one to head up the committee. The Fun Size vs Bite Size committee. Who wants to be Vice President?

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