29 August 2010


Tonight I went out to Tooele to hang out with some good friends (It seems this week has been prone to random friend visiting). I kidnapped my friend from her husband and we went to dinner. Don't panic, we went back to the house, assuring that the husband wasn't abandoned and alone—crying himself to sleep on his huge pillow . . . but I digress. Again.

We went to a place called Sostanza. It claimed to be “fine dining”. In Tooele, Utah? I was skeptical. However, when we got inside I felt distinctly under dressed for the atmosphere. Not that that stopped me from sitting down, mind you.

The prices were a little more than I was expecting, but they averaged probably $17 a plate, and believe me, the food was worth it! I got the bacon wrapped pork medallions and my friend got the Alaskan Cod (pretty sure it was cod) special. Everything was great, including the atmosphere and the service. If you're ever out that way you should check this place out!


Jared and Lisa said...

That husband must be a softy if he is going to cry each time his wife goes out. Then again a good long pine would be in order. Glad you enjoyed the food at Sostanza.

-Jo- said...

I know, what a pansie!