24 August 2010

(Wo)man-ed Up and Did It

Yesterday I picked up my novel manuscript and started reading. I finished it just a few minutes ago. I'm glad to report that “it's not that bad . . .” and, “it could be worse.” Much worse.

My personal favorite line:
Between mountain peaks, hiding like (something cool) lay a beautiful, clear lake.
Apparently at the time I was struggling with metaphors. I call those blonde moments. I'm allowed as many as I need in a day.

So now I get to gear up and “fix” said not-so-bad novel. Right now my mind is blank on the subject. I suppose that means it's time for sleep.


Antiquarian said...

like a glistening toad. like a squirrel's stash. Like a double meaning in Shakespeare. Like keys in plane sight. Like forests for the trees. Like a clean dish in my kitchen. Like an assassins dagger in my back *giggle* thought I would help.

Jared Quan said...

"Ability means nothing if there is no opportunity" Napoleon

It is so exciting to see both ability and opportunity meet in the same moment. I feel like I need a bowl of popcorn and more posts from you. :)

-Jo- said...

Those are good! Although if anyone stabs you in the back they'll have to answer to double-wide!