22 August 2010

The Novel

It's staring at me. The novel, that is. I printed the rough draft out yesterday and put it into a binder tonight. Now all it's doing is staring at me from behind the purple binder cover. I think it wants me to read it, but I'm not so sure I'm ready to do that. No, I'm positive that I'm not ready to dive back into the world of writing. Not quite yet.

I did have a few good ideas about the story on the plane ride to Orlando last week. I suppose that means I should add planes to the places where I receive writing epiphanies. Still, the plan wasn't to begin editing until September—now I'm thinking I should start sooner.

There's just so much to fix. (whine, whine) Which will make it seem like I wasted all that time two months ago. (pout, pout) And what if it isn't even good then? (insecurities, insecurities)

Bah! I'm going to check e-mail.


darling stitch said...

Oooh we were on similar whining rants today. Too bad I hadn't sent you my email sooner. Not sure who we were channeling on that one. Hope you sorted stuff out. :)

Jared Quan said...

Grats on getting this far. I am going to be honest only a select few every complete a whole rough draft. However I have the utmost confidence in your abilities, I have read your work and it is fantastic. I know that it really doesn't mean much with someone else saying it. Good luck anyways, and let me know if you need any help. :)

-Jo- said...

Help? Uh, got chocolate?

Antiquarian said...

12.5 pounds...Rick did the math and it's worth about $400 *BOGGLE*