05 July 2010

A Word From Lefty

Hi! Like, I'm Jo's left hand and, like, I just love petting puppies. And I like holding things while righty does all the work. I've totally made it my life's ambition to do as little as possible.

Jo has, like, 2 hands, and righty is completely controlling. She took over everything while we were still in the womb, so I like said, “Woah, fine, do whatever you want.” And righty was like, “Good, I will.” And I said, “Whatever.” Only it's hard to do the whatever sign with righty so distracted and productive all the time. Sheesh.

So like tonight, at the dojo, that cruel Sensei of Jo's decided it would be “fun” to do everything left-handed. I was like “What?”, but he just smiled. Seriously, what did I do? I've been totally good. Besides, righty LOVES this stuff—Karate chop, and all that. Me? No way, I'm not into it. My Karate chop totally looks like a spasming, drunken snake.

Aspiring Author wins today.


Antiquarian said...

It's got no Kung-fu!

And here I thought only K and I had talking hands.

-Jo- said...

No Kung-Fu at all!