06 July 2010

Please, Refrain from Shaking

I've got the week off of work. For whatever reason, this fact makes me believe that I have to do more than is humanly possible over the next five days, or my week off will be a complete and utter failure. Yes, I'm an overachiever.

One of my many goals is to check out the fitness classes at the local Rec. Center. This morning I decided to go with the Zumba class. The description said something about Latin dancing and fun. Sure, fine, why not?

Okay, the class was fun. My achilles tendon is killing me after all of the toe-hopping and jumping, and will probably require days of R.I.C.E before it decides to forgive me. The instructor, a very fit, extremely energetic young woman, encouraged us to shake whatever we could, whenever we could.

Said instructor could shake it all day long and hardly move anything. I, on the other hand, shake way to much with the simple act of walking. Any additional shaking due to fitness class is no advised-especially if anyone is standing within a 4 foot radius. Lucky for me, there were plenty of other Latin-dancing-impaired, extra jiggly ladies in the class.

I think the kids having swimming lessons down in the pool were mocking us. Or maybe it was just me.


Antiquarian said...

YOU HAVE A WEEK OFF?!?!?!?! WHAAAAAAAAT? Why wasn't I informed till now, we could have had an early b-day party.

-Jo- said...

Would there have been truffles?