30 June 2010

Stingy Paper Towel Dispensers

This evening, a friend and I went up to Park City. Can I just mention that the temperature was blissfully cool up there? The night time low was supposed to be 55F. Not the 80F it was here last night. I wanted to stay. Anyway, we went to dinner and then walked around for a little while.

As is the natural way of things with women, one of us eventually had to use the toilet. This is quite simply the way things go. Just as soon as you leave the restaurant or store you were in, someone will “need to go”. Luckily my friend knew where the public restrooms were.

I won't go into the bathroom details, but I will mention this. The paper towels were in motion activated sensor dispensers. I did my business, I washed my hands and then I waved a hand in front of the dispenser. I maybe got 4” of paper towel. Okay, it could have been 6”. Talk about stingy. I can't even dry three fingers with that much paper towel, no matter how plush it is.

So Park City, the resort town that caters to the rich and famous, has the stingiest paper towel dispensers that I've ever used. And I've seen them all over the world. Bad Park City, bad!

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