29 June 2010

Estrogen Fest, Anyone?

Let's face it, where else can I get an entire years supply of high octane estrogen in two hours other than at a Twilight series movie special screening? Hu? Nowhere.

The best line of the movie? Jacob says to Edward (naturally Jacob's shirt is off) “Let's face it, I'm hotter than you.” Too true.

This was the best film of the series . . . by far. I didn't groan out loud at the absurdity at all this time. No giggling at the sparkling vampires. The fight scenes were cool. Charlie was awesome! Jacob had his shirt off for the second half of the movie. Edward kept his shirt on the entire movie. We got to learn about Jasper (I'd be team Jasper, if there was one). The dialog was believable as were all of the characters. The music was by Howard Shore (see my profile). All in all, not bad.


Fabulist said...

"Gods I am drowning in testosterone"
"Good thing you come with flotation devises"

I love you Jo, but I just can't. They're just sooo airbrushed ... I'll stick to Con, the butt kicking Sunshine, and the cinnamon rolls as-big-as-your-head.

-Jo- said...

You're right, Con is pretty hot! And who can deny the cinnamon roll? Yummy.