13 June 2010

Geeky Goodness

I'm thinking of going to Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando in August! The people I'm going with say I have to have an “authentic” costume. They also say I have to be an Imperial. If not, they'll throw me in binders the whole time. So here is the costume I'm thinking about. A blind, dark Jedi. Pretty cool, actually.

Now all I have to do is bribe all the sewing people I know to help me. Viva la Geeks!


Grow Family said...

Love the costume Jo. Reminds me of our days at the LOTR convention in Toronto. That was a blast!!

-Jo- said...

I asked if I could wear the hobbit costume, but they weren't too keen on the idea. I was ready to run around screaming "Where's Frodo?" Babies.

Lace and Books said...

Hey I know, wear a sort of peasant outfit and say your here to join Or your PJ's and say you fell for an old Jedi Mind Trick....Or wear something more Serenity-like and say your a spy or with a sub-contractor ...*giggle* Get an old pair of coveralls and say your a mechanic.

Or wear whatever you want and go around asking if anyone has seen the Dr. - hey it was long ago and far away...easily reached in a TARDIS

-Jo- said...

I should figure out some sort of infomercial walking advertisement I could be. That could be funny!

Although the PJ's sounds great.