18 June 2010

Drat, I Made a Clean Spot

I'm not going to lie—I cleaned my bathroom this afternoon. This is not a terribly uncommon occurrence, but it really shouldn't happen on Friday. I justified my actions by telling myself that it was only 4:30pm and therefore still afternoon, not Friday evening or Friday night. Everyone with me? Glad to hear it.

Real down and dirty scrubbing is not my thing. Well, I should say that it's not my thing unless I can see a difference between what was, a moment ago, dirty and is now clean. If I can actually see the clean happen, then I'm all for it. (Don't get any horrible ideas about my housekeeping. I don't usually wait for things to get dirty enough to see them before I clean them. Wait, sometimes I do. Never mind, forget I mentioned it.)

Back to this afternoon. I was scrubbing the floors and wiping down the baseboards when my sponge strayed up the wall a bit. There was some soapy water, so I wiped it off. At that point I cursed inside. I'd made a clean spot. I knew the walls were a little dirty (humidity will do that to a room) but I didn't know they would come clean. Now I know. And now I've got half a wall that's been wiped down. Great, the rest of it will have to be done or it will get a split personality and then who knows what will happen? Cursed cleaning.

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