23 June 2010

Drat and Double Drat

Last night I got a pleasant surprise. I'd been typing my novel manuscript on the defaults that my computer at work gave me. Once in a while, the different versions of Microsoft Word, shall we say, disagree? (All of the people, money and skill at Microsoft and they can't even get their programs to talk nice to each other. Really?) So last night I pulled up my manuscript and the font was doing all sorts of crazy things.

This isn't the first time the font has taken on a mind of it's own, so (thinking I would take decisive action) I hit Ctrl “A” and changed the whole thing to Times New Roman, font size 12. Wow was I surprised. Instead of 32 pages I now had 46 pages!

I know, I know, the same 25,000 words, but my daily/weekly goals are centered around page count, and when I planned the approximate length I used the Times New Roman font size 12.

That was last night. Today, during breaks at work and waiting to pick someone up at the airport (welcome back) I went through the outline to my story. The whole thing needs to be switched around. I've got two or three chapters to put in along with a whole lot of drama and maybe some angst/twitterpation. (It's about teenagers, what else is there?) There are a couple of chapters that I've written that need to be tossed and the others need heavy revising. I'm wishing I only had 32 pages to re-do.

I have a feeling my timetable has just exploded. Boom.

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