22 June 2010

Advise Learned from Sad Experience

I was wandering around on blogs the other day and found one that reviews books. No, I don't remember where or what it was, so don't ask. The book she recently reviewed was And God Created Au Pair. Something about two sisters, one in Canada and the other in England, and their e-mails across the ocean. The reviewer was very clear that this book would make the reader laugh out loud. I believed, but I had no idea . . .

I'm not even through with the book, but I have to share what happened yesterday. I was riding a stationary bike (yes, yes, I'm working on the old loosing weight goal). I get really bored unless the ground is actually changing underneath my bike tires, so I thought I'd take the book.

Do you have any idea how painful it is to be pedling up a "hill", while reading a book and gasping for breath as your laughing reflex kicks in? On top of that, I was trying not to sound like I was dying, as the people in the other room may become concerned and call 911.

So far the book is great. They do slap down the "F" bomb every twenty pages or so, along with a few other curse words. If that's over your line, don't read this book. However, if you want to laugh until you cry, go ahead and open it up. I guarantee, you'll be laughing out loud (even if it's just a small snort because you're supposed to be doing something else entirely) within the first few pages. Just don't exercise while you read. Bad idea.

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