11 February 2015


Hello all. Today we have the lovely and talented (and all around awesome) Adrienne Monson visiting. The second book in her vampire trilogy, Defiance, is almost here!

Be nice to her. Because I said so.

What did you have for breakfast this morning. What do you wish you would have had?
Raw almonds. Wish I could have had a Bavarian cream doughnut! Alas, I’m not young anymore… but I have a vivid imagination. So, it’s almost like I had one anyway.

What is your favorite accessory? How many do you own? What are you eying next?
Earrings! No idea how many pairs I own. I’d love to get a pair of Game of Throne dragon ones!

Toothpaste: gel or paste? Discuss.
Did you know you can make your own toothpaste with baking soda? You can also whiten your teeth with hydrogen peroxide! I don’t do any of these thing – effort factor, ya know? But to answer your question, don’t care!

Did you dream about vampires last night? If not, why not?
Lol. No. Guess I’ve already had my feel of vampire dreams. Now is time to move onto to other things… like hybrids or something. ;)

What has been the most challenging part of writing book 2? Or did it just magically appear on your computer one day?
Actually writing it was the challenge! I knew book one and three, but wasn’t sure how I’d bridge them with book two. However, now that I’ve written the whole trilogy, I think book two is my favorite!

What is your favorite aspect of the world you've created for this series?
I can only pick one? Hmm… I guess  enjoy putting a new spin on vampires. They’re still somewhat traditional, but I love making them unique to my imagination.

Of all the scenes you've written for this book, which are you the most proud of?
It’s always the dark scenes I like to write. In this case, the one towards the end with Samantha and Nik. I’d love to say more, but can’t without major spoilers.

Why vampires? Why not unicorns or werewolves or aliens? Tell us why you love them the most. So we can judge you.
What can I say? I was obsessed with them since I was eleven. I had to finally get them out of my system! At least, I had to start with them. There will be plenty of other obsessions I’ll get around to writing as well. J

In 250 words or less, tell us about your story like it is one of your children. Favorite story about it, best picture you have of it, the time you didn't kill it. That sort of thing.
It’s impossible to accomplish all that in under 250 words! But I can tell you, it IS like having a kid. You’re so excited about its conception, and it takes so much work to bring it into the world. But then, it goes in a different direction than you’d planned and you have to move with it. You have to work with it and take a lot of time and patience to rewrite and revise and make it perfect, and sometimes it won’t listen to you. But it’s even better than you planned!
My favorite story about it involves more spoilers, so I’m just going to say that Samantha surprised me as I wrote her character. I had everyone else pegged pretty well, but Samantha decided she wanted to be different than I’d originally intended. And I was so happy to have more of Rinwa in this book. She makes me smile!

Describe the feeling you get when you hold your book in your hands. Make us all jealous!

It’s the best! You think you’re happy when you finally finish the manuscript. Then, you’re ecstatic when you land a publishing contract. But seriously, holding the physical book in your hands and putting it on your bookshelf is total nirvana.  

So there you go!

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Tohru said...

As someone who has no idea what this book is about, it would be nice to have some sort of summary/blurb to know if I'm interested.