16 December 2014

Things that Make Me Grinchy

Last night I went to my niece’s Christmas Choir concert. She’s a junior in high school. The concerts are usually pretty packed, and last night was no exception. We ended up sitting close to the front. With only a few rows in ahead of us, I figured I would at least not have to endure someone playing on their phone or tablet the entire time.

Which happens way more often than it should. And all too often it is the adults that do it.

I mean really, this is a concert. A classical concert. Put the electronic devices away people. Surely you can sit and listen quietly for an hour.

This is apparently too much to ask.

First we had a teenage couple sit two rows in front of us who waved at whomever they knew on stage for two songs straight. Desperately trying to either get the attention of their friend of embarrass them.

They left. Thankfully.

Then worse came. Four teenagers who I’m pretty sure either never learned manners or completely ignored the lessons their parents tried to teach them. Their behavior was so bad that I’m suspecting it is the first.

Three boys and one girl. They whispered through three songs. They too tried to get the attention of those on stage through waving and whistling. They texted one another as they were sitting there. They laughed. They giggled (let’s point out the fact that they were at the front, under the microphones, and the concert was being recorded) and even entertained those of us behind them with some very Lady Gaga like dance moves. They crawled over one another. I’m not sure any of their butts stayed in their seats for more than fifteen seconds at a time.

I could tell my sister wanted to drag them out by their ears. I would have helped. But we both refrained. Because it’s rude to get out of your seat or talk during songs at a classical concert.

For crying out loud, my 10 year old nephew can sit quietly through a concert without needing an electronic device. Usually he just listens. He might not want to, but he can do it, and his mother has made it very clear that this is the expectation.

The only part of me that defends people who act inappropriately in situations like this is the fact that they at least came to support their friend.

Either that or they had to come for a class in school. I try not to think about that option. It makes me craky.

Lucky for them and me, they left after a few songs and allowed the rest of us to enjoy the end of the concert, which included both the choir and the orchestra. So my Christmas spirit got the chance to bounce back.

Sometimes I curse my mother for teaching me manners.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo, I hate when people who disrupt live performances! Especially in the front. If you're not really going to pay attention why are you even there? And it happens so often that I have come to expect it. I try to remind myself going into a performance that there will probably be disturbances, and people on their devices and I can't do anything about it. If I go in with that expectation I find I get a little less grinchy about it.