24 February 2014

Why The Walking Dead is Better than Doctor Who

Oh come on people, don’t freak out. I love the Doctor more than the zombies, but there’s something too this.

I started Doctor Who while I was dating my now husband. So probably 18 months ago or so. All of my friends kept telling me that I should watch it and that I would love it. Well, the boyfriend finally got me to sit down and watch it.

And yes, I did decide that I like it. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s twisted. And now I’m even more afraid of the dark than I was before. And don’t even get me started on gas masks or those stupid weeping angel statues.

However, it’s been around 18 months, and I’m just now only seven or eight episodes away from being caught up.


Let’s talk The Walking Dead for a second.

A bunch of people I know have also been trying to get me to watch this show. I’m okay with zombies, but I’m not obsessed with them. I’m usually a dragon girl, or at least a wizard, but I was willing to try it.

AFTER I caught up with Doctor Who. Having two shows with a total of 11 seasons ahead of me was too much pressure! Especially since I only watch about 3 hours of TV a week. And that’s on a good week when I’m done with my other chores and have no desire to do anything intelligent on Friday or Saturday night.

But I was weak. I blame my husband.

One Friday night he turned and looked at me (he may have had a treat with him—I’m a sucker for cokes) and he said, “So, since we’re almost caught up with Doctor Who, wanna start The Walking Dead?

Maybe I was in the mood for some horror. Or maybe my brain needed some writing fodder. Doesn’t matter. Like I said, I was weak. I shrugged. “Sure.”

AAAAaaaaaand that was that.

We watched two episodes that night. Then three the next night. I lost sleep over this show! That NEVER happens. In 10 days I’ve inhaled the first two seasons and I’m into season three. (It doesn’t—or maybe it did—h elp that I had the stomach flu over the weekend.)

And why? Why can I say no to Doctor Who and not to the zombies? Because the writers of The Walking Dead are brilliant with both their realistic character development and their stupid end of episode cliff hangers.

I mean really, how can you go to bed after the main character has stupidly ridden into downtown Atlanta (a hive of zombies at this point), lost his horse and only survived by locking himself inside of a tank? Then the radio crackles, and some guy says,  “Hey, dumb a**. Yeah, you in the tank. What do you think you’re doing?” Or something like that.

How was I supposed to go to bed after that???

Doctor Who has the occasional cliffhanger ending (and they are brilliant) but not every episode. I only had to punch my husband in the arm and tell him I hated him once or twice during Doctor Who. I do that at least twice an episode with The Walking Dead. (He’s seen them all.)

I think my husband may have put it best when he said, “Doctor Who takes dark things and brings them into the light, while The Walking Dead takes everyday things and tosses them into the dark.”

I do have to say I like Doctor Who better—it’s more me  ,but The Walking Dead is my obsession for the moment. Like going after the bad boy in school even know you realize it will never work out.

The two shows are different. They are awesome in their own ways, as each story should be.

Anyone have an opinion? Feel free to share, I’d love to hear it!


Chris Mentzer said...

I love both shows but then again, I was introduced to Doctor Who back in 1984. You might try some of the classic stories.

The Walking Dead is great because it is more of a true to life kind of situation. I always believed that this series is not about the zombies but the living people and what they do to continue to survive in this post apocalyptic world.

Doctor Who has always been about fun and entertainment but it can teach a little about history and how we view others who are different from us.

I really can't compared the two series to each other because they are vastly different. I like them both.

Ryan said...

I've never watched Doctor Who before. I've meant to, I just haven't gotten around to it. However, I was a huge Walking Dead fan. I loved everything about the show. I was so happy to finally have a show where they weren't afraid to kill major characters and keep them dead. However, the show quickly went downhill for me as I watched season three. I only made it a few episodes into season four before the ridiculousness and the forced plot made me stop watching it. Sadly, they've taken the show and the characters in the wrong direction. Characters started acting in ways that break their established patterns just to push the plot in a certain direction. There were so many cringe-worthy moments that I just couldn't take it anymore. But lots of people like it still. I just can't take it.

-Jo- said...

Thus far I've really liked the character development in TWD because they are characters doing what real people would do in the horrible situations-and they may not be proud of it.

DW puts characters in dire but slightly silly situations and has them do what we all WISH we would do in the situation.

I do love both.