08 December 2013


Everyone has silly-and some not so silly-family traditions.

Am I right?

My family can be neatly described as quite dull, and even we have interesting things that we do. Traditions.

Some go back as far as I can remember, and some are new.

Allow me to elaborate. Because I just know you're all dying to hear about it. :)

Let's start with something simple. My mother can draw out the act of making sugar cookies to an all-day event. And not necessarily in a good way. Making a cake from a box is also an endeavor not to be undertaken lightly. And trust me, we sifted the flour in. Twice.

When making said cakes, my mother always used a plastic spatula to mix with. Always, always, always. The plastic spatula was the only instrument for mixing that I knew. Literally. Nothing else existed.

Until I started making cookies and cakes and cupcakes and such with my friends.

I distinctly remember two of my very best friends making fun of me mercilessly because I wanted to use the spatula to mix with.

Because for something like fifteen years, the spatula had been working just fine for me.

But NOOOoooo...they said a fork worked better. That a spatula wasn't effective. At all.

It was quite a blow to me to see that a fork is a very efficient tool for mixing. All those years my mother had been wrong. She'd been lying to me! But wait, the spatula does work, but a fork works better.

That's what traditions can do. They can twist things around until no one really knows why we're performing them, but we do it anyway because "that's the way it's always been done."

I know I got off of the #BeMeanToCharacters thing a few months ago, but this is another way in which you can twist your character's world. Make something that they think is right-has always been and will always be-wrong. Or just a little bit off.

Trust me, it's annoying.  Really annoying. Heck, it could have ruined some very precious friendships if I didn't have the personality I do. I could have been offended and never talked to these girls again. But, luckily, I hold my relationships close to my heart, and I do everything in my power not to allow the little things to get in between us.

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