01 December 2013

A Deal with the Dice Gods Gone Awry


Isn’t it Obi Wan who says there’s no such thing as luck?

I’m trying to decide if I agree or not.

Here’s how it went down. Thanksgiving night. Hanging out with my husband’s family.

Let me point out that they are all highly intelligent and strategy minded.

Me? I love to play card games that require little to no thinking whatsoever. I’m no good at extended strategy, and if there are dice involved—well, let’s just say at some point in my universal existence I made a deal on the wrong side of the dice deity. And not in a little way.

So when I agreed to play games with them, I knew that I would be trounced.  It’s pretty much expected, and I don’t really care. Most of the time.

Shock overcame me when I won our round of Citadels—a card game. I kind of creamed the others—mostly because they weren’t expecting me to do anything grand. And frankly, I didn’t notice I was doing anything grand until I had almost won. Go me! (or something)

The next game they pulled out was Settlers if Catan.

There are dice involved in Settlers. Pretty much you have to rely on the stupid, six-sided spawns of evil to get anything at all in that game.

I’ll spare you the gory details of the first two rounds. Allow me to simply say that the number eight is usually rolled more than never in two games.

During our third game, I finally got the chance to put one of my settlements on a six.  This means that whenever a six is rolled, that I get stuff. Yay!  And if you do the math, you’ll note that six should be the most rolled number in the game.


In the whole game I think six was rolled a total of seven times. And four of those times I didn’t get to collect because someone put the stupid black soldier on MY number six spot because THEY had a number six spot that they knew would get rolled if I wasn’t going to benefit from it.

This is a true story. And the sad thing is, that it worked for her!

If I were a character in my book the finale would have to be her getting stuck in some sort of D&D game with a D20 dice that she has to roll a 5 or above and NEVER does.

That’s when she would whip out her ninja skills and kick the die into dust, then go get the bad guys.


Sus House said...

I'm right there with you when it comes to dice... I'm sure they hate me! My frustration comes from the fact that I am strategy minded; Risk is one of my favorite games... or would be if the dice didn't have it in for me. I come up with brilliant strategies and then the guy that just attacks countries all willy nilly still beats me because the dice are ever in his favor :(

-Jo- said...

That totally happens to me too! My husband didn't believe the curse at first...now he gets it.