27 May 2013

It's Away!

You may have noticed the distinct lack of anything happening on this blog.

Sorry about that, I've been busy.  With lots of stuff. But the most important bit is this...

My publisher, Jolly Fish Press, send me my first round of editing revisions two weeks ago.  I had until today to get them back.  Pile this on top of an already bloated work schedule, the end of the school year for friends and family, the boyfriend (he is SUCH a time sucker) and trips and my life kind of went into overdrive mode.

Well, it was more like this:

But I'm feeling a little better now.  Mostly because I finished my edits, saved the file, took a deep breath, and sent it back.

Has anyone else ever felt like if they had the time they could rewrite the whole dang book and make it SOOoooo much better? Because that's how I feel.

I don't want to rewrite the book-I've beat the poor thing to death. But I see myself as a better writer now than when I wrote the novel, and my OCD is twitching like crazy to fix it.  All of it.

Lucky for me, a very helpful package of Thin Mints talked me down, and I only changed what I felt had to be changed.

This was pass 1 for editing. I didn't really know what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised that JFP didn't have much for me to change.  That was nice. But it didn't stop me from reading the whole thing aloud all the way through looking for issues.

Because I'm that author. The crazy, needy one who wants everything to be perfect.

That's why I sent it as fast as I could this morning, so I couldn't think about it any more.

Now I'm going to play with Babes in Spyland.

And for my reward, I'm going to see Star Trek.

So there.


Tohru said...

Yea! Congrats on getting through round 1! Are there more rounds?

Jon said...

No apologies for time sucking

Imogen Elvis said...

Congratulations on the first round edits. That's an excuse and a half for the time suck.