18 April 2013


Sometimes you don't realize just how well you're doing.

No, really.

Stop wallowing in your negative outlook of yourself, step outside and look around.

We all wish we were doing better at something. Am I right? Personally, I've got about eight things I wish I was doing better at, including (but not limited to) writing, kung fu fighting, eating, reading, early Christmas shopping and being more positive. There is literally no end to the “to improve” list.

So do yourself a favor, and stop looking at it for a few minutes.

Allow me to elaborate with a personal experience.

Over the past few months, my Sensei has been having us do a new workout at the beginning of class. It keeps us moving, kicking, punching and in general wears me out. Which I like. I go to class not only to learn to destroy people who are foolish enough to attack me, but also to stay in shape.

Granted, even after 10 years of kung fu fighting I'm still the rather pleasant shape of a pear. Not a skinny pear, just to be clear. So most of the time I just figure that I suck. We won't go into how keeping your expectations of you low is certain sabotage.

Well, the other day one of our awesome black belts came to class. She's been focusing on her art and hasn't been around much. She's in much better shape than I am, and is a great fighter.

Poor thing, had to go first through the workout line, and claims she almost died.

That's serious exaggeration, but she did look tired. And she tried to tell me she sucked.

At this moment I caught a glimpse of both of us feeling like we sucked, but I also caught the realization that we were both there, at class, trying and improving. Even if it was slowly.

It's way too easy to look at the “to improve” list. Looking forward is good, but don't forget to keep track of where you've been and where you are now.


Rebekah Grow said...

Thank you Jo! I needed to hear this post.

Byron Droge Family said...

Jo you rock! I needed to hear this too!