27 February 2013


Hey all,
Today you will be entertained by the fantastic Adrienne Monson!  (She likes donuts, so she's okay)

Her debut novel, Dissension, Is hot off of Jolly Fish's Press!  I just finished the novel today, and loved the fast pacing and intricately told story.  Check it out.

You can stalk Adrienne here

And now, sit back and enjoy getting to know Adrienne.

If you could eat anything for breakfast, what would it be?
Doughnuts! Not the greasy kind, but the moist, dense, cake-like kind. I also love traditional breakfast food, like eggs, pancakes, bacon - but I like to eat that kind of stuff for dinner. :)

Do you prefer leather or cloth seats in cars? Why?
I had a car with leather seats in high school. I loved that car, but seriously don't miss those seats! In the summer, my shorts-clad legs would stick to the seats and the leather would almost burn any of my bared skin. In the winter, I had to wear gloves to drive, or suffer the "frozen fingers syndrome".

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Greek Islands. Hands down.

What is the most interesting job you've ever had?
I guess working at Cold Stone creamery. It involved a little bit of everything: making ice cream, waffle cones, and brownies. Running around on your feet almost the whole time. Being extremely friendly to customers. Singing and dancing for tips (that sounds questionable, doesn't it?). Doing payroll. 
Suffice it to say I learned quite a bit from working there.

Tell us about a strange writing habit that you have.
Not sure if I have any. I do my best writing late at night, when I'm kind of tired. I like to listen to music on Pandora while writing as well.

What is your favorite quote/saying about writing? What does it mean to you?
“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I'm afraid of. ” ~ Joss Whedon. 
To me, that means the possibilities are endless. You can grow as a person by writing. I wrote a short story for a Halloween contest in 2012. In it, I wrote my biggest fear: being covered from head to toe by spiders. It creeped me out as I wrote it, but I was able to face that fear anyway. 

What scene of this novel proved to be the most difficult for you to write?
There's a scene where a couple of vampires kill a mother and her newborn baby. I didn't go into details with this scene and felt it wasn't graphic in any way, but it still made my eyes misty as I wrote it.

What scene turned out exactly as you imagined it?
When Leisha and Tafari are on the boat. (Can't give more details than that, but you'll know it when you read it!) That part is almost exactly the same as what was in the rough draft.

What aspect of your life has most influenced your writing?
Reading, reading, and more reading! Don't get me wrong - you have to live life, get out and observe other people's interactions to understand how to write characters and life in general. But when it comes down to it, reading will broaden my imagination more than anything. 

Why should people read your book? What does it have to offer them?
(Besides the simple fact that it is awesome?)
(Thanks, Jo Ann!) Dissension is fast-paced with lots of action, suspense, and characters you'll love. Besides that, it has a deeper undertone to help you grow along with the characters.

If you could write a spin-off novel about a side character, who would you choose?
Samantha. I already know what her story is after the third book, I just don't know if I'll write it yet. :)

Tell us why you love this story.
Most of all, I love the characters. (None of them are based on me, so I promise I'm not narcissistic! :)) This story changed as I got to know the characters and their reactions to different things. Likable characters make a story more real to the readers.

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Anthony Dutson said...

Yeah! Jo's first author interview! Dissension looks awesome Adrienne. I'm excited to pick it up.