05 May 2012

A Week of Writing Goodness

(Or me stalking Kevin J. Anderson) I’ve been a bit radio silent over the past week. Wait, would that be cyber-world silent, or social media world silent? Or something else entirely, like “Stuck in hotels without free internet.” I vote for that last one.

Can I just say that $4 for 15 minutes of internet use for someone who is already staying at your awesome hotel is completely ridiculous? And whatever they had going on their system offended my phone. For half of this weekend it wouldn’t even recognize that there was an internet.

Kind of like when a fourth grade boy makes a dumb joke about a fourth grade girl and the girl then pretends that in place of said boy a black hole of nothing has appeared. Not even worth looking at. My phone is that little girl. She’s happy to be back home.

But I’m digressing again.

I had the privilege of spending the first half of the week at Kevin J. Anderson’s Superstars Writing Seminar down in Vegas. Three days, six bestselling authors with more books between them than there are Starbucks in New York shoved in a room with about fifty up and coming literary geniuses (working it here, be nice) made for some very interesting conversations. And a great amount of learning on my part

The second half of the week I spent at LDStorymakers in Provo, UT. There I learned tons, pitched an agent, met some publishers, told a lot of people what I write, stalked Kevin J. Anderson (I hadn't seen him for almost 24 hours!) and in general had a great time.

Between the two I spent 12 hours at home, doing a quick load of laundry, eating almost real food and sleeping in my own bed.

Right now all of the knowledge I downloaded is swirling around in my head like color dye in water, slowly spreading into my gray matter, making it smarter. Yay for smarter. I gathered a lot of info, and I plan to share a bit of it here. But not tonight.


AVDutson said...

Amen, sista. I went up to John Brown at the end and thanked him for his incredible presentations... and then forgot what his current awesome one was. With what was crammed into my little gray cells, I was lucky to remember my own name.

So glad I took notes because that guy is totally motivational.

Lace and Books said...

Once again in Provo and you didn't even stop by for cake? You could have done your laundry here too and not driven up to Bountiful and back. I'm feeling a bit unloved.

I would have even read my new story at you. That's it - you get nothing till I've written it.

-Jo- said...

Don't feel unloved. I didn't even get to go down the water slide through the shark tank in Vegas because I was so busy. You know I normally wouldn't miss something like that.
What can I do to make it up to you???

Lace and Books said...

Hog tie Kathryn and you two come down for some fun and games.

-Jo- said...

on it...