23 May 2012

It Should Be Easy

I just spoke with a really good friend of mine who recently broke up with a long time boyfriend. I wanted to make sure she was okay (it's a girl thing, back off) and see if I could do anything for her. She said she was okay, and then she said something that made me think.

She said that the people she knows that have successful relationships and marriages say that it should be easy.

Now, now, don't get cranky with me. I realize that any sort of relationship is work, but I think that she's right in the fact that if you have to fight for every single compromise or shift in direction, that maybe things aren't as easy as they could be.

This brought me straight to writing, and for me this is totally true. It should be easy. The story telling, the typing, the shaking my head at knowing just how awesome this scene is going to be—it should be fun, and easy. If it's not, I know I'm doing something wrong.

Usually I just haven't planned things out properly. Sometimes I leave out a key piece of info thinking that I'll come back to it later. That always trips me up, and I end up going back and working it out.

When it's not easy, I've missed something. When it is easy, I forget I'm doing anything but having a great time.

I spent all day at work and didn't get a chance to type during lunch like I usually do. Right after work I went to Jose's gym class of pain (I will NOT be able to walk tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after) and then came home. Once I ate dinner it was after 8pm.

Panic set it as I realized I had 1,500-2,000 words to type before I went to bed. Lucky for me, I'd planned this episode earlier, so after a few minutes of getting in the groove, I took off and an hour later had over 1,800 words and a pretty good episode. Sure, it's first draft, so it's not perfect, but it's not bad, and my goal is met!

And it was pretty much easy. I can't say that about everyday of writing, but for today, it's the truth.


Stacey said...

I can't stand to fly. I'm not that naive. I blame you. :)

Antiquarian said...

You are dead on Jo Ann. When the relationship is "right" it is easy. Why it is easy is because little things don't matter. A lot of those room mate kind of things like; you left the dishes on the counter instead of the sink, the underwear on the bathroom floor all the time, "hogging" the TV... People who love each other simply don't care. One of you will do all the dishes, one of you will toss the dirties in the basket to be washed, and you've got more interesting things to do than watch TV OR you use it as an excuse to snuggle on the couch. *GRIN*

With the big things, well, you now have someone you trust watching your back and helping in the "ok now what" department.

If a couple isn't there own little Frodo/Sam OR Dresden/Bob/Mouse OR Luke/Han kind of combo then their relationship isn't going to be easy and frankly it was probably a bad idea to begin with.

I admit that Rick and I are not typical of these days, but When you look at our happiness level vs say someone on there 2nd divorce... you get the point. It is very easy to love and live with Rick...Heck I'll punch the lights out of any heavenly being who comes between us and you know it!

IF you A)don't trust and B)don't let go of the little things it's not going to work out well.