14 May 2012


I hate not having a project to work on.

Don't get me wrong, I've got plenty of projects to work on, but I'm not sure what I should be, well, working on.  You see, it's even put off my writing.

I suffer from what I call the hesitation factor.  If I get too many options in front of me then I freeze up. Perhaps this is one good reason that I don't drink coffee.  I imagine myself standing at the order register, staring at the board for like five minutes before someone would gently (I hope) push me out of the way so they could order.

There are at least four, no, five writing projects that I want to be doing:
-Babes in Spyland seasons 3-5
-YA Contemporary Fantasy that needs yet another revision...I think (Big revision)
-YA Post Apocalyptic awesomeness that has a rough draft and a new outline
-Adult Sci-Fi--sort of Leverage meets Firefly
-Adult or just above YA story of voodoo magic and very scary stuff

How do I choose?

I'm going to attended Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers in June, and I need to have the first ten pages of something as well as a synopsis to my group by Saturday.

What do I send???

I hate deciding.  Sorry this whole post is about me, but I'm stressed, and can't figure out what I should be doing. Each story has its own appeal for me, so I'd love to work on any of them.  All at once, if I could manage it (that's the overacheiver in me).

Does anyone else have this problem, or am I just that special?


Jordan said...

I certainly have the problem, only I pick one of my several ideas to work on, and then I get bored after a while and switch to something else. Three years ago I only had one idea, and I thought I'd be doomed as a writer because I couldn't come up with anything else to write about. Not the problem anymore!

Personally, I'd love to see the adult sci fi, if only because then I wouldn't be the only one writing adult in our group.

Anthony Dutson said...

You're such a Kevin J. Anderson wanna-be. Of course, if your word count is 300,000 per year, that's a good thing. ;)

I think that's why I was frozen for so long, lots of ideas but no direction. Right now I'm just writing scenes to keep busy. It makes me wonder what to submit to the group, but I figure when I have all the elements finished I can just lay them in a row. Kinda interested to see if it works...

Antiquarian said...

Just start writing, even if it's "I can't think what to work on" over and over. That will get your hand moving and then you'll end up working on something and all will be well.

Wow run on sentence and I don't care. FYI, all that I read to you - I'm probably scrapping. *laugh* not totally, but I have to change a few things up so my poor main character gets even more blindsided by his new awesome cosmic powers. And to answer that stupid question YOU asked ... "why" he was being attacked *mumbles about observant writer friends that ask needed questions* wink*

-Jo- said...

Motivation for characters...who needs it???

Melissa Lemon said...

Have you tried praying? Just wondering. Works wonders.