18 April 2012


A writing buddy of mine posted this "challenge". It's the 7-7-7 something or other. Blah, blah, blah. Well, I've been lax on the whole blogging thing for the past few weeks, so I figured I would do it.
Take the 77th page of the current novel (I'm going with season, because that's what I'm working on...should be doing it now, as a matter of fact) you're working on, go to the seventh line, and then post the following seven sentences.

Knowing my luck, It's the end of an episode and there's only one line on the page. Let's find out...

Black spots started to dance in her vision, and she realized that her throat felt swollen and shut, leaving only a small hole for oxygen to get through. She silently cursed her fear of needles and willed her body to move. After a moment it did, and she stumbled forward like the wall she'd been pressed up against suddenly disappeared and she was free to go.

“Pattern Cashew Cluster!” Hans bellowed.

Seriously? Amphibian Queen thought as she charged after him, cashew Cluster? She hoped her phone was recording this.

Well, it made me laugh anyway! Happy writing.

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