27 March 2012

Emergency Preparedness?

After the insane, hurricane force winds we got here on the north end of the Salt Lake valley a few months ago, a lot of people have been talking about being more prepared for natural disasters. Or human disasters. Or the zombie apocalypse. Or some idiot in a semi-truck taking out the power station. Or someone setting off a huge explosion and taking out the I-15, I-215 and the Legacy junction coming north, trapping everyone in Salt Lake...these are the things you have to think about.

The dojo I go to has a plan for the zombie apocalypse. There are chain saws, bats, clubs, swords, SUV's and a tank involved so far. One of our members came across the above multi-purpose tool on-line. The official description is as follows:

Gerber Product Number 07400

The D.E.T. tool, based on the popular Multi-Pler 600 provides the combat operator with a compact one-handed opening multi-tool to deal with a number of battlefield situations. Made from 410 grade stainless steel with non-reflective black oxide coating, the D.E.T. tool incorporates the following tools: C-4 explosives punch, blasting cap crimper, wire cutter, needle nose pliers, 3 inch drop point blade, 3 inch serrated sheepsfoot blade, RemGrit saw blade, cross point screwdriver, large, medium and small flat blade screwdrivers, file, bottle opener and lanyard. Includes a ballistic nylon sheath.

So in addition to being able to put the tank together after it's damaged, we can also blow up hoards of zombies with C-4 without having to carry a bunch of pesky equipment.

I need three!

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