14 February 2012

More on Fun

This past weekend I spent three days at Life the Universe and Everything (LTUE), a local writing convention here in Utah.

One of the more seasoned authors (and I feel bad that I can't remember which person on the panel said this) gave some really great advise.

He basically said, before you write everyday, meditate for a few minutes on how much you like writing and on how awesome this part of your story should be.

He mentioned specifically that it should be FUN!

Fun, fun, fun.

I just spent about an hour on a rather dark, angsty story that I've been trying to write. I think Single's Awareness Day coupled with me trying very hard to be good and lose some weight, has made me a bit cranky.

However, the cranky churned out some great writing, which in turn was (I have to admit) quite fun. In a sinister sort of way.

Forget Cupid.

Someone eat some chocolate for me.


Jordan said...

Dave Wolverton said that. You should've remembered that!

I told this very thing to a guy I work with, who is a struggling artist. He thanked me for passing the advice along. I think all creative fields are alike, and an artist can gain much by doing as Dave says.

Antiquarian said...

Yep, I like how Campbell said it. Follow your bliss.

Seriously, if you aren't happy why do it? think of Scrooge; all the money in the world and miserable. Now think of Christ - poor as you can get and yet filled with joy and love for all man kind - even the evil ones.

Anthony Dutson said...

ROFL! Ah, Jo. You kill me.

Just left you a five star review in iTunes. What can I say... I LOVED Babes in Spyland. My only gripe is having to wait for next weeks installment!