23 January 2012


I needed something to do besides fail at outlining the other day, so I tried an exercise.

Not the physical kind—don't be silly. Those are very regulated, and since it wasn't one of those days there will be none of that.

I'm talking about a writing exercise.

So I got on Google Images (can I just express my serious doubts that I ever lived without Google?) and pulled up living rooms. About half-way down the page I found one I liked and looked at it.

Quite exhausting, all that looking, I tell you what. Especially since I tried looking from four different perspectives. What if the characters from my latest story got stuck in this place for a weekend. What would their thoughts be?

Char #1
There are a lot of windows in here. One set better be a sliding door. Only one way out of a room is bad. And all that glass—perfect shrapnel for when the gun fight starts. (Way to represent, ninja girl!)

Char #2
Look at that couch. I hope I brought a book, because I plan to lay there, admiring the view and reading all weekend long. If anyone interrupts me, I'll paper cut their fingers and pour lemon juice in them. Who was in charge of snacks again?

Char #3
Ooh! Water! Boats! Let me out, let me out, let me out . . .

Char #4
Is there a jogging trail along the water? I think I brought my shoes. Maybe I can get Char #2 off the couch so we can go trolling for men. We should have a party tomorrow night.

Okay, kind of lame examples, but the exercise helped me quite a lot. One character is an artist. What would draw her eye first? Would the others even notice the painting on the wall, or the beautiful wood floors? It gave me a chance to delve. I struggle going deep with characters or stories because it feels like a waste of time.

Yes, I know it's not, but it feels like it.

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Antiquarian said...

Okay, so as an artist my first thought was - WOW that's a lot of orange. And thought I couldn't stay in that room long...maybe if it was blue, but orange - no not relaxing.
Then I wondered if there were drapes - I don't like being exposed like that.

THEN I noticed the view and thought ya I like that, but not the orange.