17 January 2012

Bad (or good?) Amazon!

The publishing industry is in complete chaos right now. Someone posted this on Facebook, and I thought it was pretty interesting.


It infuriates me to think I'm coming into this business "late in the game." However, if I can manage to look at it as diving into a new wave, it might be different.

I've never been great a diving. I'm more a belly flop sort of girl. Or cannon ball. That might work.

Perspective. I think a few people have said a thing or two about it.

Like having to fight the biggest guy in the room. It can either be "I'm going to die" or, "If I can take this guy down his friends will leave me alone."

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Antiquarian said...

With out getting into it Jo, I don't think this is a "big deal".

Honestly, I know 2 authors who recently stated that multiple older books are going back for re-prints due to demand.

I also think that the publishing industry is nearing a critical mass point and that something is going to break. I look back on what publishing was like over 100 years ago and think - that's coming back. Oh, you may not make millions, but you will get published and read and "found".

There is so much crap out there (that it will be part of the breaking). Quality will reappear soon.