10 December 2011

Worth it?

This morning as I went to work, I saw the moon. Yes, it's Saturday morning. Yes, I was at work at 7am. Yes, my life sucks.

Anyway . . . I was driving and saw the moon. Only, there wasn't much of it to see. I glared at it. Last night, or maybe the night before, it had been full. I was sure of it. In my sleep deprived, over worked, angry and more ditsy than usual state I thought maybe the moon had been full last week. Maybe.

The funny thing was that the top 7/8 of the moon looked like it was hidden behind clouds. I could still see it, sort of, but it was . . . Oh great, apocalypse time. Just wonderful. I don't have nearly enough batteries for this right now.

Then I remembered. Last night a friend told me that there was a Lunar Eclipse this morning. That would be why the moon has been full and then suddenly wasn't. (I'm not as crazy as I thought I was/am!)

As I drove to work the eclipse got closer and closer to being full. That little sliver of light reflecting off the bottom of the moon got smaller and smaller until when I got to work there was only the slightest thread left.

Very cool. I saw another lunar eclipse years ago, but it was only a partial. This thing was full on covered in shadow. I wish I had a camera that could do it justice.

This guy got a great picture from Arches. That's what I saw, only minus the scenery.

And in my head I almost agreed that getting up early on a Saturday was worth it. Going into work . . . not so much. I have so much Christmas shopping left to do.

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CNHolmberg said...

I woke up at 5 AM and again at 7 AM to see that thing, and somehow I missed it entirely. Jealous that you saw it by mistake! ;)