02 October 2011

Ninja Wannabe gets in some Quality Time

Last night we had a six hour work out marathon for my Kempo class.

I did it last year too, and I remember really loving it. Then I remembered (about 8pm last night—four hours in) that I only got to four of the six hours of the work out last year. That would explain why I don't recall feeling like I wanted to curl up on the dojo floor and take a nap. Not good when the dojo floor looks comfortable. Not good at all.

However, we learned some really, really awesome stuff! We did a Kempo technique that I very much enjoyed that involves ripping someone's face off after you've already brought them to their knees, learned how to dodge a crazed baseball player who is trying to whack you on the top of the head (it could come in handy for the zombie apocalypse), practiced how to make a block a strike (the more striking the better, of course), experimented on how to get away from someone who has you up against the wall (the real lesson there being that somehow you let them get you against a wall, which means you messed up big time), did some great throws and then worked on a bunch of different kick and punches that we then put together into a very cool technique that I have to deny that I know, and in general had a great time.

I've got bruises everywhere. My arms look like a spotted leopard (are there other kinds?), along with a few other places that I won't mention. I swear I got tossed on the ground at least fifty times. Which is why one butt cheek is so sore, because I always get up with the same leg. I know, TMI, sorry about that, but it's true!

Next time I need to remember to pull more of my hair back. At one point a guy decided I would be good to practice a neck break on (this is after he'd tossed me on the floor), put a foot on each side of my head and twisted—all very controlled of course—but I felt a chunk of hair go. Sure enough, on the floor sat a sizeable hairball of my blond hair. It's not like I've got a bunch to spare for crying out loud!

So lots of bruises, sore muscles and less hair. I guess it's a small price to pay for Kung Fu awesomeness!


Lace and Books said...

And now we know why those monk shave their heads.

-Jo- said...

It's so true!!!

AVDutson said...

Now I'm worried about Kung Fu zombies... :)

So, in my story when the girl gets pinned to the wall by the vampire, what was she suppose to do?

-Jo- said...

Kick him in the groin. #1 answer.