08 October 2011

Gene Pool Police

Where are they when you need them?

Yesterday as I was driving to my Kempo lesson I saw a blatant display of people who should not be allowed in the gene pool. (Sorry if anyone finds that offensive, but hear me out.)

To their credit, the five young teenagers were standing at the light, waiting to cross. And that's as much credit as half of them get.

Apparently the excruciatingly long wait drove them to the brink of insanity. I watched (I was three cars back, glaring at the light, hoping that this would help it change faster) as two of the boys started to do a funny little dance of impatience. I've seen the dance before, but usually from little kids who need to pee.

I'm not sure if such close proximity to a couple of girls did it, or if they're just plain stupid, but the two boys bolted across the street—before the light changed for them.

Okay, I've seen plenty of people do this . . . but not when rush hour traffic is bearing down on them on an extremely busy street. And slightly smarter people stick with their plan and make it to the other side of the road.

Not these chaps. Oh no, instead they stopped in lane three of five and turned back. They then proceeded to beckon the girls to follow them.

One girl still stood attached to her boyfriend—which can't exactly be taken as a sign of intelligence considering where his hands were. The other wouldn't do it. I suspect because her friend, the one with the boyfriend (at least I hope that's what they were doing) didn't move.

The couple did some making out—I suspect to make the other two boys jealous. Then the light finally changed and the little green, walking man lit up. The rest of the crew scampered across the street, the girls giggling and shrieking as they went.


Can someone please tighten security on the gene pool? I don't want to live in a world where people aren't even patient enough to cross the street without endangering not only themselves, but their friends and anyone within a hundred feet are in charge.


Farfegnugen said...

Can I quote you on that? "Gene Pool Police." That's awesome.

-Jo- said...

Of course! I probably stole it from somewhere, but I can't remember.

Antiquarian said...

At lest they were at the intersection cross-walk. And I cut a little slack for teenagers.

I have to deal with stupid BYU students jaywalking (often at night in dark clothing) who then glare at you when you honk or don't stop for their stupidity.

This is the future of the LDS church - be afraid, be very afraid.

Jordan said...

That's why I always carry a double-barrel shotgun with me where ever I go. I see someone do something stupid, I put two in their forehead. And then laugh wickedly as I speed away. (I don't waste ammo on BYU students... they'll do themselves in sooner or later).

From now on, call me the Gene Pool Gunman... or something equally vigilante-ish