10 September 2011

Stupid Traffic-Cool Machine

This morning I got up early. This is not a terribly unusual action for me, but I do try to avoid it on Saturday morning. However, today was writing group day, so I hauled my butt (along with the rest of me) out of bed, got ready for the day and set off for Orem.

Saturday morning isn't a popular time for accidents or traffic jams. The drive is about 50 minutes long, depending on how I hit the two dozen light between my house and the Orem Library. The freeway doesn't usually have anything to do with the time variable.

Well, except for the time I was listening to the end of an audio book and because the freeway is under some heavy construction they keep changing the exits and what they look like and just having little signs that I apparently ignored and I ended up in the next city. Oops. I blame the freeway for that.

So today, listening to a fantastic music mix, windows down and the cruise control on, it took me a second to figure out that yes, the entire six lanes of freeway were filled with cars that had their brake lights on. Stopped.

In an uncharacteristic quick decision I bolted to the slow lane and got off on the next exit. I should have taken the frontage road one more exit, because when I got back on everyone was filed into one lane going about two miles an hour. Oh boy. So much fun.

And the worst part . . . stuck behind a big truck who was behind a semi.

That's why I didn't get a good look at the crazy machine that came by. Seriously, if I'd seen it coming I would have snapped a picture with my phone. Lucky for me, KSL had a picture. They call it the barrier mover machine. And as it went by I seriously was like, “What the heck? That's so cool!” and I craned my neck to watch it pass—lucky that the truck in front of me hadn't stopped by the time I got finished rubber necking. Basically the cement barriers are hooked together with big hinges (or something) and they're flexible like those dumb snakes you get at the carnival where you hold the tail and the rest of it sort of weaves back and forth. The machine eats the barrier and spits it out one lane over.

Stupid traffic jam vs very cool machine. Almost worth it. Almost.


Antiquarian said...

Didn't know you came down. Hope getting home was easier.

Cindy said...

I know there were several people who didn't make it to the heart walk yesterday because of the traffic. I guess I drove through at just the right time. It slowed down a little, but not bad. So I guess there are advantages of driving before 6 a.m. Even if they are few.

Anthony Dutson said...

And I missed it?!

That seriously looks like something I can put in my next story!

On the plus side, I found someone who is willing to teach me medieval swordplay. I've just gotta hurry and finish this project first.

No new book until the old one is finished.