19 August 2011

WorldCON 2011, Friday Report

Lessons learned:

Convention center chairs are made for nymphs and are not, in fact, meant to be sat in.
Some writers should never read their work aloud.
Others should not be allowed to appear in public.
CON food induces horrible flatulence in a large number of older men.
Editors are people too.
There are individuals who really do believe that their idea is the best story an editor will ever hear . . . and they share this fact with a great deal of gusto.
CON parties are stinky, crowded and full of people who have no idea how to communicate to one another on a normal level. Or any level for that matter.
People do stupid things when they're drunk, but it's kind of fun to watch.
Free food is good food. Until the older men have too much of it.
Any panel that involves romance will deteriorate into an exposition about sex. Things go awry quickly at a Science Fiction convention. Think about it . . . or not.
Book stores are scary places when a CON is in town.
Telling your pitch to an editor is scary.
Plucky pirates should not exist.
Steampunk costumes are very cool.
Leather corsets—discuss.
Casino hotel bathrooms are really nice, and they smell good.
There are a lot of really great story ideas out there. I just hope mine is soon one of them!


Antiquarian said...

OH, now you have to give details! I want stories!

CNHolmberg said...

Ha ha! You were totally in Lizzy Shannon's panel, no?