03 August 2011

What Have I Learned About Blogging?

A blog I follow asked this of himself the other day. Well, the blog didn't asked it, the person writing it did. He went on about how everyone has a different blogging style, and that people shouldn't blog the same. That'd be boring. I agree.

So what have I learned about blogging? Well, first off blogging is pretty easy. Blogging after something either awesome, scary or horrible is fun. Blogging about Kempo and writing is cool. Venting about stupid people (who always remain unnamed) is strangely satisfying. So yeah, I like it.

I've got grand plans for a very funny, extremely cliché serialized story (I think that's what it's called) for my blog, but haven't got around to it yet. You know, one of those stories that people put up by chapter or whatever. It'll be cool.

But what have I learned? Uh, I dunno. That some weeks my life isn't nearly interesting enough to blog about. Or, on the other hand, little things can be written in such a way that they sound infinitely awesome. I've also learned to keep my eyes open for the little things in life that either make me laugh, cry or think. I've also learned that it's nice to have a place to stick my writing frustrations. Revising endlessly can be tedious, at best.

I guess that's it. Wow, I'm so boring! Or perhaps I choose not to share what I've learned because it's so earth shattering that your mind would be blown, and then I wouldn't have any readers. That wouldn't be good. Quite counterproductive, actually.

Oh, wait, I can say this! I've learned that I know nothing. Whew. Honesty is hard work.

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Anthony Dutson said...

I love it Jo!

I'm just getting into the big world of blogging and I gotta say I'm a bit intimidated. Your post was VERY timely for me and I really appreciated it.