09 August 2011

Another Day, Another . . .

Dollar? I hope I made more than a dollar today. I mean, maybe it's already spent, and I only ended up with $1.01 left from my hard, tedious, forced to sit in long (and overly dull) meetings working day. But that's more than a dollar, right?

Hope? I did have high hopes that some drama would come to a head in a work meeting, just to spice things up a bit. But alas, it was not to be. Perhaps tomorrow. Or maybe someone will bring donuts to said meeting. That's being hopeful, right? Except for the fact that I'm trying to fit more comfortably into my pants. I can hope that I lost an ounce or two today. No donuts, after all.

Challenge? Yeah, so at the kids Kempo class tonight our numbers swelled to twenty three. About half of them new. Two of the little tykes (neither more than six years old) walked in with their grandpa, and I knew we were in trouble. I don't speak more than one word of Spanish, and their grandpa knew more English than they did. Sensei speaks some other language, while I remember about six words of rusty German. Poor kids—probably scared to death and wondering what this crazy blond woman was doing trying to teach them to block and punch. Scoop arm, punch, punch. Three words. It's amazing how important language is. Now I know how the monks in China felt.

Tissue Box Down? I've got a stupid summer cold, and my head is really beginning to clog up. If I bend down gravity doubles right between my eyes and the ground threatens to suck my head into a vortex of oblivion. So much fun. And do we have night cold medicine? No, of course not. Three boxes of DayQuil, but no night. Maybe off to the store in a few.

2,000 words on my latest project? Why yes, I did get that done today. As a matter of fact, the word count is now up to (drum roll please) just over 29,000. I'm hoping to get a bit of time tonight and jump that up to 30,000. Yay!

Five more Agents Queried for New Sight? Yes. I did this too. I'm up to thirteen queries and two rejections. Haven't heard back from anyone else yet, which may mean they're thinking about it, they haven't got to mine yet, or they don't write back if they're not interested.

Nap? No, no nap. But the plan is to go to bed a little early. Yeah, right

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Antiquarian said...

if it's anything like the cold I have you're in for it. GO get that cold med and take it religiously. I'm at 1 week with it and I'm still coughing and I sound like a chain smoker.