14 July 2011

Off to see Harry Potter!

I should perhaps wait until after I see this movie before blogging about it, but I decided I'd live on the edge and do the unexpected.

You see, I'm not here to talk about the movie. Although I'm sure it will be action packed, a bit too long, confusing, emotional and (as always) not as good as the book.

I've never tried to write a screenplay. It's on my list of things to do, but right now it sits somewhere in the realm of “clean out garage” and “run half marathon.” But from the little I've gleaned, converting a book (especially a series of books) into a movie or movies is well beyond difficult. I'd categorize it as near impossible. Especially if you're trying to keep close to the book. The two medias flirt, but they don't marry well.

J.K. Rowling (no matter who says what about her) influenced a generation of readers. Not just a school, not just the 13 year olds—a generation. And who knows how many people picked up a book just because they'd heard that these were good? And how many of those people got back into reading? I hope a lot, because I need readers for my books. :)

I have to admit that I didn't love the last Harry Potter book. I thought the author cheated with the whole Deathy Hallows thing—tossing it in to close the plot. However, I read it and can't argue with the fact that she finished what she stared and did it with a bang. (I can't even keep the plot for ONE book straight, let alone seven!)

This movie represents the end of a generation of entertainment. All we have left now are the books, DVD's and Harry Potter Land. Nothing new. Nothing more. Well, for now anyway.

So I go to this movie tonight with a little bit of sadness in me. Both for the end of the fun, and the death of Fred. I called it in the second book. I knew she'd knock one off eventually because there were two of them. Still unhappy about that. I'll probably cry.

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Lace and Books said...

Ah, but Jo Ann just think, something must fill that void in so many lives and you may be the one to do it.

My money is on historical fiction or a mystery series (like a better Nancy Drew) But it could just as likely be eyeball popping magic addicts. *wink*