27 July 2011


I think I'd have to agree with Stacey (and Robin, even though she doesn't know the specifics). In the last book I didn't feel like there was a protagonist. Certainly not a hero anymore. The first book portrayed Katniss so strong and determined (as a matter of fact I just watched a presentation by John Brown about the first book and how the author drew us into Katniss' story with every trick in the business), and by the time the third book came around she had nothing left. There were a few moments in the story where I thought she was going to bust out of her funk and kick some serious trash. But no. Each time I read on, disappointed about her continuously horrible decisions.

And she's extremely selfish. I had the same problem with the main character in The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Flawed heroes are fine, but by the end of the story, if they haven't conquered their issues/fears I'm not happy.

Oh, and every single character I actually liked got killed or brainwashed. Grrr...

Now don't get me wrong, if all that crap had happened to me I'd probably be stark raving mad too, but the author didn't convince me that Katniss was totally crazy. She told me, but didn't show me. Or I missed it. Either way, I expect more of my fictional heroes. I didn't love the end of Lord of the Rings either. Frodo can never be happy until he goes off to live out the rest of extremely long and only semi-depressing life with the elves? Ugh. Yes, people might hate me for saying that, but there you go.

My sister finished the Hunger Games series a few months ago. She called me (I'm betting not minutes after she finished the book) ranting that I should NEVER do that to all of my characters. There was no one left to like, respect or root for. Two months before that she told me she loved Katniss and I should make the protagonist in my book more like her.

So yeah, it's not just me. Of course we are related, and rather similar (minus the affinity for hair bows she still secretly has) so it's not surprising for us to have the same reaction to things.

Kudos to Suzanne Collins. You go girl! Just don't expect me to follow you. :)

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Antiquarian said...

Didn't like the non-ending of LOTR either. Don't tell my DH. I had a similar reaction, but to Sam. He goes off on the boat to the west too and I was like WHAT! I'm sorry, but no loving husband nor father would want to walk away from his family like that. That is the one thing that Arwin did accurately.

I think people try to write moments with out really knowing the experience. I will forever remember the sound my grandfather made the morning of his dear wife's (of over 75 years) funeral. If a sound could break the heart of heaven it's that sound. No one who has that depth of love would just sail away.

Your instincts are good Jo Ann. Trust them and if you wonder than just ask people who know.