06 July 2011

How Does it Feel?

I just finished revision 4.5 of my novel. Since I've “finished” it 4 ½ times before this, I wonder why this round feels different? After thinking about it for a few minutes, I think I have an answer.

First off, I got some great feedback from people at LDStorymakers in May that I applied to this revision. Having direction for my rampaging rewrites helped a great deal.

Second, this time I feel like the story is tight. It's not perfect (I'll always say that, mostly because it's the truth) but I'm good with it. The characters have finally come together. The plot makes sense. I think I answered everyone's stray questions. All in all I'm happy with it.

Third, I'm reading a book that's a great story, but the writing isn't all that. The fact that I could see this and then apply it to my own story makes me happy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I've got a ways to go, but after 14 months of working on this novel I hope I've made some good progress. Some awesome progress, actually.

Now for a summary and to fix my query letter. It's always the little things that get you, right?

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Lisa said...

Congrats Jo, it's a great accomplishment!