21 June 2011

Did You Miss Me?

I've been gone. Did anyone notice? Don't lie.

Wait. Lie. Of course you missed me!!!

It looks like I got tagged in someone's blog. I've written a semi-funny response, but I typed it on my laptop, which is at home . . . and our wireless is still out. I'll try to put it up tomorrow.

For now I shall dazzle you with a story from my vacation. I'll stick with the end of it, considering all of my pictures are at home too. Man I'm not doing well today.

So we left Seattle on our flight back to Salt Lake with cloudy skies and rain. We got lucky through the trip (cruise to Alaska) and only got a light sprinkle on one day. Blue sky peeked through the clouds twice. We got pictures.

Our pilot warned us that the approach into Salt Lake would be bumpy. Like I'd notice. Bumpy plane rides don't really bother me. Well, unless I get motion sick, but that's a lot of bumpy going on for a plane ride. Plus I just take the meds now. Hello Bonine--love you.

Usually, when I'm lucky enough to get a window seat I end up over the wing. I'm not sure how every single row of a plane is able to be situated right over the wings, but trust me, it happens all the time.

Stars somewhere in the universe must have aligned properly, because my seat ended up both by a window and well back of the wing. Great, I just used up all of my good karma for June and probably July. Figures.

As the plane started to descend I was editing my novel. I told you, bumpy doesn't bother me; I actually think it's kind of fun. We went through a layer of clouds and broke free. Just before we entered the next layer down I looked out the window. A streaking line of lighting leaped from the clouds above and nailed one of those little lightning rods on the end of the wing.

True story.

Unfortunately, my travel companion, who had her fingernails sunk into the seat, isn't one for, "Hey, I think we just got hit by lightning!" So I kept it to myself. One girl a few rows back saw it too, because I heard her telling her friend. Everyone else must have been asleep.

Then, as if in apology, we flew right over a rainbow. Ah, nature.

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Antiquarian said...

THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!! I totally would have been excited to see that and don't mind the bumpy plane rides either. Just like an amusement ride without rails.