10 May 2011

Those were the Days

I started going to United Studios of Self Defense almost nine years ago.

Wow, I can't believe it's been that long. I did take a year off after I tore my Achilles tendon (because it's pretty much impossible to let that heal up when you're jumping around on it three times a week).

Still almost eight years total? I'm glad I can say I've got a black belt to show for it. A long road, but a fun one! Plus, I love telling guys (when they inquire) that yes, I can kill them. Maybe that's why I'm still single. Who knows.

Back to my point. Tonight Sensei pulled out the very first thing I ever learned about Kempo. It's a grab escape. If someone grabs your shirt or the front of your jacket and starts to get rowdy, you do this move. Well, there are probably a thousand moves you can do, but this one is great. And, as I mentioned, it's the first move I ever learned.

A handful of instructors came to a church activity for the women and showed us some kicking, punching and how to get away from would be attackers. It took exactly two kicks for me to decide I wanted to join. After they taught us this grab escape I was hooked. Doing it tonight brought eight years of wild and crazy memories back to me. Like the fist time I sparred and the fist time I grappled. (The grappling match lasted a grand total of four seconds--I got wasted.) I also thought about the first time I could do ten lunges while touching my knee to the ground. I can still do the lunges, but my knees don't like it much and I like to whine about it. Mostly in my head. Sensei punishes whiners. Trust me.


Jared and Lisa said...

You make it sound as though you're moving on from that. What's next for Jo? Inquiring minds...

-Jo- said...

I'm trying to become a published author! Isn't that enough for you people!?!
Just joking. :)
Are you working on my sketches?