06 May 2011

Day 2-The Day

So today was the day. The really big day. The day I've been writing toward since the LDStorymakers Conference last April.

How did it go? Is that what you're asking? Yes, that's what I'm hearing. Reading. Feeling. Whatever.

Today, at 11:05am I had a pitch session with an agent. I won't say who, because that's not professional or whatever. But let me just say that this agent does a lot of national work, and even a great deal of international work.

Without a play by play, which would be boring (trust me), I'll just say that things went well. I pulled my pitch off without sounding like a total idiot. I asked the agent a few intelligent question about the marketability of my story and the reaction agents usually give to a first time author pitch that includes the words “this is a planned trilogy”. I'm just glad I didn't sound like the dumb blond I pull off so well.

Oh, and the agent said I could send them my query and manuscript. Of course the agent was pretty doped up on Dayquil (spring cold) that they might not remember me tomorrow. Now that could be fun!

The thing that kills me is that the new story I just started is probably more compatible with this agent than the novel I pitched. Figures, right?

Besides my pitch session, I went to a really great character class today. I'm still looking to find/create the system for building stories that works for me. Not a formula, really, but a nice path that I can follow into my ideas and then come out the other end with characters and a good plot. This class had some good suggestions, and I'm looking forward to trying them out!

My mind is on writing overload. Can't wait to see what it feels like tomorrow night. Wait, is it possible to see what it feels like? See feelings? I'll have to work on that.

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Tohru said...

Congrats Jo! Hope you get a contract.