05 March 2011

Kung Fu Goodness

I seriously feel like I spent the day in Disney Land. Only without the satisfaction of having gone on the Indiana Jones Ride.

This morning at 6:10am, I embarked on today's adventure. The first stop was picking up a Kung Fu buddy. Then we hit the McDonald's for some breakfast. No, not exactly healthy, but it was early and the service is quick. Not to mention a lack of required coherent thought on our part.

We got to the USSD Tournament right on time at 7am. We were there from 7am until after 7pm.

This is the first tournament that I've helped out in. I have to say, watching the little kids spar is really fun. When their gloves are bigger than their heads, and they look like rockem-sockem robots there isn't anything I can do but smile. We had a good turn out, and everyone did really well.

No, I didn't win anything. If you saw the group I get to contend with now that I have a black belt you'd understand that I'll never see another trophy in my Kung Fu life. At one point I dreamed of moving into the old lady division (35 and older), but they put all of the black belts in the same division. The one time I was going to use my advancing age to my, well, advantage, and I'm thwarted. Figures.

The tournament got over about 3pm, and the Master's Seminar started at 4pm. Professor Charles Mattera was our guest of honor, and I have to say we learned some really cool martial arts. I won't go into it, but it was awesome! We did breathing exercises and got thrown around. A good day for Ninja wanna be! Now I feel like an old lady—my knees are killing me.

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