14 February 2011

Not Allowed

Who knew that on Mondays, after work, I should not be sent to the store without a written list. Nor should I go to an unfamiliar grocery store without a shopping buddy.

Four things. One would think that I could remember four items for long enough to find them, purchase them and then get back out to my car. Uh, no. I got the cake and the ice cream for the Single's Awareness Day party that we went to. Check. I remembered to get the Pepto Bismol (this third item has nothing to do with the first two). Check. I went looking for the Sprite at least three times, got distracted by other things that I may or may not have needed, and managed to make it all the way out to my car before I remembered it. Ugh.

Any idea how busy a grocery store with a good bakery is on Valentine's Day afternoon? I was not going back in there. I toyed with the idea of going through the McDonald's drive-thru, but juggling a 32oz cup, a cake and the eight bags that I got for my nine items at the store felt more like a recipe for disaster than anything else. So I went to a store I am more familiar with, found the Sprite on sale and picked up a bottle. Getting it all up the stairs was great fun, but I didn't drop anything!

Happy Single's Awareness Day, by the way. I look at it this way—no one gave me chocolates that I have to go work off at the gym for the rest of the week.

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Lace and Books said...

You were not alone Jo and we had a LONG list of needed groceries. I was stunned by the crowds; they had one checkout JUST for those guys getting last minute VD things. *boggle*

It's such a made up holiday. Nothing says love'n like a lb of chocolate (fat) and murdered flowers. I'm so glad DH and I don't celebrate this holiday.