12 January 2011

An Update

The novel writing still goes forward. If you'd asked me Sunday, I might have told you that I'm never writing another word of fiction in my life. Once I calmed down, and actually made yet another plan for editing, I felt better. Now I'm 1/3 through the book leaving a slew of what I hope are awesome edits behind me.

Tonight I went down to Sam Weller's book store downtown. Is that how you spell it? Anyway, that place is awesome. As I wandered through rooms, rows, racks and corridors of books I felt like I was on a Wiki walk . . . only with paper instead of clicking on links. It took me almost twenty minutes to find my friend who came with me. Luckily someone remembered directing her towards the mystery section.

The reason for my outing to Sam Weller's was that a whole gaggle of Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers were there signing books. I had Brandon Sanderson sign his entire run of Alcatraz books. I also got another copy of Monster Hunter International—since I have no idea where mine went. Larry Corriea (author of MHI and MHV) gave me a MHI patch for having bought another copy and for encouraging new recruits. Made me happy.

Then I remembered my favorite line from Monster Hunter Vendetta. The book itself was violent, cheezy, funny and full of monsters that I had to google. I loved it. It made me laugh, it made me cry and I'm excited for Monster Hunter Alpha to come out. Oh, sorry, back to my favorite line.

These two men, who hate each other, work together to kill the bad guy. One of them gets hurt—this is what the other one says.

“I was wondering if Franks . . . is he okay?” We had blown up a god together after all. Now that's male bonding.

Funny. Trust me. Funny.

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Antiquarian said...

Lucky! I love Sam's...It's like my kind of Temple...rooms and rooms of books. If Time stopped when you entered it would be near perfect.

Lucky too that you got to chat with writers you like. There is a con in Colorado this next week that has 3 of the best writers of all time - Carol Berg (who I want to be like some day), Sharon Shinn, and Conie Willis. A triple threat of talent! I hate being poor.