27 December 2010


The bottom picture is the first (and only) digital camera that I've owned. Kodak Easy Share—when 5 megapixels was all that and a jar of pickles. Unless you don't like pickles, in which case substitute pudding instead.

Now I've read that Kodak digital cameras aren't much to sing about. Especially for the last few years. However, this little baby has been around the world. I've dropped it on four different continents (five if you count New Zealand as Australia). It got stuck out in the rain in China, made it through the jungles of Peru, didn't freeze in the winter in Russia, and lived to tale the tale after the nieces and nephews have played with it. The camera still takes awesome pictures—especially outside! It's slow and the screen is only about an inch square and it's old . . . but I love it. Heck, you could say it's been to a galaxy far, far away because it went with me to Star Wars Celebration V a few months ago.

That's actually where I dropped it the last time . . . Right on the cement floor of the Orlando Convention Center. The front section of the camera popped out and somehow ended up overlapping the back section. Lucky for me, I was with costumers who had little, tiny screw drivers so I could get the camera apart and then put it back together again.

So technically I didn't NEED a new digital camera. But I bought one anyway! My latest purchase (thank you after Christmas sales!) is water proof, shock proof up to five feet (I'm short, so that should work) and has almost 3x the everything of my Kodak.

I feel kind of bad retiring the old Kodak. I always thought he would go out in the line of duty. Perhaps I should try to take pictures while on a roller coaster or something. He'll always hold a special place in my heart.

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