17 December 2010


Seeing anything Sci-Fi and awesome at the movies is cool. Seeing TRON:Legacy in 3D on opening night was fun! Certainly not the “coolest show I've ever seen!”, but definitely worth it.

First off the movie oozed resonance all over the theater. There were Star Wars moments, Star Trek moments, old TRON parts . . . loads of good stuff in there. They beefed up the special effects and someone obviously had a great time flexing their imagination and coming up with new gadgets. The motorcycle scene was probably my favorite, oh, and when the old Flynn takes out the club. The glowing monk robe . . . I liked that.

Either the acting was bad or the writing was bad. I couldn't decide which. I wasn't there to analyze the movie, so I didn't really delve into the problem, but it did seem labored at times. Downright slow at moments, actually. The entire plot was totally predictable, but that's not so bad. The movie was fun to watch and it took us away into a new world! What more can you ask? Oh, and there was even just a bit of fan service for both the ladies and the gentlemen.

If you loved the old TRON (in all its cheezy glory) then you'll surely appreciate all of the bits and pieces they threw into this movie. Good times, good times.

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Lace and Books said...

The problem was probably 2 fold; the writing and the directing. Most acting is based on the script, which as Harison Ford once said, "You can write this SH!T, but you can't say it" and the direction from the - dah - Director. So there ya go.

Trust me you can have the coolest ideas and some darn good actors and the movie still suck - The Fall is a HUGE example - that's a movie that needed Neil Gaiman to write it in the worst way.